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Lucid Circuit in the News!

Read about Lucid Circuit in the News!

Space Investment 2018: Connecting Start-Ups and Investors in San Francisco

An investor panel selected Lucid Circuit, a California-based company working on artificial intelligence chips for small satellites, as the best of the event.

USC License Completed for Artificial Intelligence in Space Technology

The USC Stevens Center for Innovation recently licensed technology developed at the University of Southern California to Lucid Circuit, a Santa Monica-based company.


Lucid Circuit in SoCal First Look Showcase

Lucid Circuit will be presenting at the SoCal First Look Showcase. The showcase will be held on June 20, 2018 at The Luskin Conference Center at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA. The event features the 30 best early-stage teams selected from some of the region’s top research institutions. Each team will present the potential commercialization and application of their research in order to secure early stage funding for their companies. The presentations are in three areas: Life Science, Computer Science, and Physical Science.

The First Look Showcase is presented by the Alliance for Southern California Innovation and the Los Angeles Venture Association (“LAVA”). For more information, see:

Lucid Circuit in the SoCal Innovation Showcase

Lucid Circuit will be presenting at the SoCal Innovation Showcase. The showcase will be held on May 24, 2018 at The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. The event features a blend of world-class keynote speakers, startup success stories, early-stage research teams, and moderated panel discussions that will showcase the amazing breadth and depth of SoCal’s vibrant innovation sectors. The showcase is intended to inform and engage a professional investor audience and showcase the caliber of SoCal innovation overall.

CNN reports near miss solar flare

CNN reports that “earth dodged a cosmic bullet” on September 10. We experienced the most energetic series of cosmic flares in decades, which did temporarily block high-frequency radio communication and degraded performance of the GPS network. However, the reporter points out it could have been worse, as there was not a coronal mass ejection (or CME).

Read the CNN article at: You can also read more on our website about CMEs, as well as single event upsets, which explain the effects on communication and GPS experienced during the solar flare.

Better yet, come talk to us about CMEs, single event upsets, and our solutions. Lucid Circuit will be attending the Global Venture Summit in Los Angeles, CA from September 30th through October 1st.


Shortly thereafter, Lucid Circuit will be attending the Defense Innovation Summit in Tampa, FL on October 3-4.

Upcoming Solar Storm on 6th and 7th of September 2017

The geomagnetic storm watch for the 6 and 7 September, 2017 UTC-days has been upgraded to G3 (Strong). The G3 Watch is in anticipation of the expected arrival of a coronal mass ejection (CME) that took place in association with an M5 flare (R2-Moderate radio blackout) observed on 4 September at 2033 UTC (1633 ET). Current analysis and forecasts reflect CME arrival late on 6 September, 2017; with CME effects continuing into 7 September. Keep checking our SWPC website for updates to the forecast.