At Lucid Circuit we are developing a novel aerospace focused, cognitive edge resilient processor called AstrumTM. AstrumTM is Lucid Circuit’s line of radiation-tolerant and energy-efficient processors for reliable, high-performance, cognitive applications in edge devices. The core of the AstrumTM tool chain is a blend of software compilation and hardware synthesis.

Job Description:

As a member of the team working on AstrumTM tools and devices, you will focus on developing our hardware-software Continuous Integration environment.

This is an opportunity to work with subject matter experts in custom tooling for novel architectures, compilers, statistical learning, microelectronics, semiconductors and radiation physics. A broad technical background is central to this unique opportunity to solve challenging optimization problems at Lucid Circuit.


  • Develop automated checkpoint and snapshot processes across hardware, software code bases and heuristic model bases
  • Integrate heuristic model based simulations with the application of hardware and software test vectors to code base snapshots on custom accelerated emulation platforms
  • Develop automated procedures to collect and report test performance metrics
  • Streamline all procedures through project management tool
  • Enforce test-driven development practices

Basic Qualifications:

  • Degree in computer science, engineering or related field
  • Strong background in one or more scripting languages (Python, Ruby)
  • Exposure to Continuous Integration (Jenkins)
  • Comfortable with C++ and C code base
  • Adept at working in Linux/Unix environment and with creating build scripts (Make, bash, TCL)
  • Ability to work independently, take initiative, and communicate effectively

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Notions of hardware-software concepts (ex: micro controllers, FPGAs, device drivers)
  • Familiarity with Code Coverage
  • Familiarity with UVM

Type: Full Time

To Apply: Please submit your resume to