At Lucid Circuit we are developing a novel aerospace focused, cognitive edge resilient processor called AstrumTM. AstrumTM is Lucid Circuit’s line of radiation-tolerant and energy-efficient processors for reliable, high-performance, cognitive applications in edge devices. The core of the AstrumTM tool chain is a blend of software compilation and hardware synthesis.

Job Description:

As a member of the hardware microelectronics team, you will be responsible for developing novel mixed signal sensors for state of the art cognitive edge processors. You should have proven experience in analog mixed-signal algorithm development, data analysis and modeling, VLSI circuit modeling, simulation and VLSI layout with modern semiconductor processes. Ideal candidates will have hands-on experience with mixed-signal or analog circuit probing and characterization at the die level. You will collaborate with and support other team members responsible for mixed-signal design, digital design, verification and validation activities.

Required Key Qualifications:

  • PhD or MS with 4+ years work experience in electrical engineering
  • Proven expertise in mixed signal or analog VLSI design experience
  • Ability to excel as an individual performer in an advanced R&D environment
  • Excellent communication skills oral and written

Required Professional and Technical Expertise:

  • Demonstrated track record of modeling, designing, fabricating and validating Analog/Mixed-Signal designs in advanced semiconductor processes
  • Strong experience in analog or mixed signal sensor design
  • Solid experience in analog/mixed signal Circuit block modeling, design and verification using mathematical and CAD tools
  • Proficient with VLSI design tools (layout, LVS, DRC)
  • Highly desired laboratory validation of chip design
  • Solid experience with filter design, bandgaps, biasing circuits, op-amp design, switched-capacitance circuits, feedback and compensation techniques.
  • Expert at addressing analog/mixed signal design challenges including signal integrity, device noise, mismatch, linearity.
  • Experience with VLSI design flows from simulation through layout and physical verification

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