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Space is the ultimate high ground and only achievable through microelectronics. Lucid Circuit is changing the way we develop processing systems by having the hardware adapt to the application rather than forcing an application into amalgams of hardware and software. To that end, we have developed a new type of AI microprocessor that adapts in real time to changes in data, operating conditions and environmental factors to deliver compute-energy sensitive resilient-trusted-AI. Our AI microchip adds autonomous self-healing and adaptability capabilities to even the most basic software application.

Lucid Circuit’s new class of broad-use AI microprocessors leverages a compute-energy sensitive approach to deliver previously unavailable insights into how we transform edge data into the critical analytics that we trust. Our game-changing dual use technology will democratize access to edge AI and support a broad range of industries.

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Technology is changing, and we are here to meet the new processing demands. Our society’s demand for higher performance and lower power electronics is driving the evolution of new generations of smaller and more efficient semiconductor technologies which we are committed to develop with our patented technology.

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