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We offer two products – high-performance adaptable processors for machine learning and blockchain at the edge (AstrumTM) and analysis solutions that accelerate resilient microelectronics design (RSAPTM).
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Onboard Machine Learning

AstrumTM combines the benefits of power-efficient Machine Learning fabric and integrated sensors that continuously monitor the accuracy and precision of information collected. This enables small satellites to complete geospatial analytics (or other computation intensive tasks) prior to its transmission back to Earth.

Resilient Data Integrity

AstrumTM is designed using an innovative patented technology to withstand the harsh conditions of space. The in-silicon encryption features of AstrumTM ensure the integrity of data records from the moment they are collected through its processing and transmission back to Earth.

Information Traceability

The immutable in-silicon digital fingerprinting feature allows each AstrumTM chip to specifically tag each piece of data with a key that is unique to each chip. This makes it possible to trace any recorded data entry all the way back to the specific AstrumTM Processor microchip within the specific piece of equipment and (date) instance (when) it was created.


Analyze and Predict

Quickly analyze and predict vulnerabilities of new microelectronic designs prior to device fabrication to allow development of efficient mitigation strategies. RSAPTM leverages machine learning and predictive analytics to identify vulnerabilities.

Rapid Development

Improve success rates of radiation tolerant designs, reduce production timelines, and rapidly develop new designs.

Simple Interface

Intuitive and user-friendly web interface for design analysis at all stages of development and no specialized background needed.

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